Our Story


Dos Californias Brewsters was founded in 2018 by SouthNorte Beer Co., with support from the US Consulate in Tijuana. The idea was simple. Connect women on both sides of the border through beer.

Born from a shared vision to connect women from both sides of the border, Dos Californias Brewsters brings together women in the brewing industry from San Diego and Baja California. This pioneering group crafted the first-ever women’s cross-border collaboration—a wheat ale that later debuted at the Ensenada Beer Festival.

All proceeds from Dos Californias Brewsters collaborations go to fund scholarships for women aspiring to enter the brewing industry. Through a partnership with the Institute of Technology in Tijuana (ITT), Dos Californias Brewsters will award annual scholarships to women in the school’s brewing sciences program.

Dos Californias Brewsters is proud to connect women in the brewing industry through cross-border collaborations. The future of brewing is bright, and we are proud to empower the next generation of brewsters one beer at a time. ¡Salud!